We are Gustavo and Gulsen, creators of Hundop Soaps. Since COVID-19 began, we noticed how commercial detergents were affecting our skin in a negative manner. We began looking for a healthier alternative and realized that making our own soap was the best option. Over the years we have both grown to be more eco-conscious. We knew that our next step in our sustainable lifestyle was to create all-natural soap, not just for us but also for others. With no artificial colors or additives, our soaps are amazing for all skin types. Hundop Soaps has eco-friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable, unlike commercial soaps which come in plastic containers that are not sustainable and end up in landfills. By using our soaps, it eliminates the need for a disposable plastic bottle and the non-recyclable pump that comes with it.  

Hundop Soaps uses the cold process method to make handcrafted soaps with earth sourced ingredients. None of our soaps contain Chemical Detergents, Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Lathering Agents, or Unnatural Preservatives. We source cruelty-free ingredients and avoid using controversial oils such as soybean, palm, or corn oil as to not contribute to an industry that may be putting small farmers out of business. By using our soaps we can guarantee that what goes down your drain is natures ingredients going back to earth. Hundop Soaps is determined to make your transition to a more sustainable lifestyle a little easier. 

True soap cannot be made without Sodium Hydroxide (lye). Any cleaner made without lye is considered a detergent. We do use lye in our soap making, however, through the process of saponification, there is no lye in the end product you use. We cure our soaps for 6 weeks and pH test every batch to ensure the overall quality.